Crafting perfect solutions through creativity & collaboration, we are Melonades!

The word “Melonades” is a mix of two words- Melon and Lemonades which indicates creating something fresh and unique. Our motto is to create works which is different and feel enjoyable every time you see. That is what drives us forward. Our seasoned team is passionate about delivering distinctive, effective and friendly service with excellence. We know how to achieve the perfect mix of strategy, creativity, and technology to achieve value for your brand and business. We’re all set to take your brand into the next decade.

We’ve started our journey back in 2010, with our first client Qubee. The digital market was not that much expanded back then. We had to face challenges to make the TV-centric clients understand the necessity of social media platform. We’ve grown up in the market with the knowledge of digital industry. We explored the market as it has grown up in the local market. We’re the first agency to become a Google partner in the country. We’ve served diversified clients from Telco to beauty products, to education to health care to the insurance company.

Our Values

We help you make an Impact 

We offer you a flow of continuous Innovation 

We help by giving you a meaningful Insight 

We offer the right strategy for successful digital Implementation


To create impact on client’s business by implementing data-driven strategies, award winning campaigns and creatives.


To create purposeful work that generates a more sustainable business and better-shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Are you awesome?

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